Wrapping up Tandem Al-Emarat programme, with an exciting and final meeting at the artistic Bait 15 in Abu Dhabi. The meeting comprised a follow up on the Tandem project collaborations over 3 days, included group art activities to stimulate the Tandem’s partnership-efforts. In collaboration with MitOst and the European Cultural Foundation (ECF)

Tandem Al Emarat , a branch of the European programme Tandem offers a space for the UAE community to build sustainable projects that grow through shared artistic interests and enthusiasm for creative discovery. Phase two of the process in partnership with ADMAF has kicked off at Manarat Al Saadiyat, this stage the paired participants constructed their collaborations and discussed the best direction moving forward.

This week 16 cultural managers/artists based in the UAE will form 8 collaborations/tandems based at Alserkal Avenue in Dubai. The candidates will find their Tandem partner with whom they will work on a collaboration project.

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