A professional development programme for cultural professionals from diverse disciplines, designed to instil skills and build networks for long-term creative partnerships across the UAE, with practical experience working across rapidly changing fields. Become part of Tandem to gain hands-on insight into the cultural scenes of the seven Emirates, building meaningful and sustainable creative collaborations that grow artistic vision and foster enthusiasm and joy in creative discovery

Why Tandem?

Tandem believes that the burning cultural and social questions of our times can be addressed much more creatively and effectively through inspiring learning experiences when working with new organisations and across new localities.


About Tandem Al Emarat:

Tandem Al Emarat is an initiative of the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation, European Cultural Foundation and MitOst. This cultural programme offers a space to build real, meaningful and sustainable relationships that can grow through shared artistic interests, enthusiasm for creative discovery and the joy of making things happen together.


The programme also allows cultural professionals from many different disciplines to acquire skills required for engaging in long-term partnerships. The Tandem process provides hands-on possibilities for getting real insights into the cultural scenes in the 7 Emirates. Participants gain practical experience by collaborating within rapidly changing fields in the UAE.

If you are a cultural professional interested in applying for future Tandem Al Emarat programs, please contact [email protected].


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Tandem Al-Emarat in an initiative of the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation European Cultural Foundation and MitOst.