Through this grant programme, ADMAF hopes to achieve the following:

  • Increased number of active arts practitioners among UAE nationals
  • Increased number of arts and culture activities for participation and attendance by UAE nationals
  • Increased profile of UAE arts and culture
  • Increased community involvement in the preservation and development of cultural heritage and contemporary expression
  • Increased cultural practices, artistic skills, and levels of production
  • International recognition of the value of UAE arts and culture
  • Archive & documentation of the UAE’s traditional and contemporary arts and culture


Who can apply?

Any registered organisation, group founded by constitution/memorandum, or individual, who seeks to undertake an initiative in the aforementioned categories and artistic disciplines. All applicants must submit references.

What categories are considered for funding?

ADMAF offers grants in a number of categories to assist individuals and groups to achieve these shared goals. Priority will be given to applications from UAE nationals and Emirati led projects. Applications demonstrating significant benefit to the Emirati community will also be considered. Grants are offered in the followed categories:
Cultural Citizenship
: ADMAF supports UAE nationals – as individuals or groups – to uphold and develop local cultural expression.
Community Arts
: ADMAF supports initiatives by and for a wide variety of social groups across the U.A.E, regardless of age, class or ability. By providing access to the arts and promoting cultural expression, ADMAF aims to give a voice to the marginalized and underprivileged as well as those located in remote areas. It provides grants to individuals and community groups.
Arts Education
: ADMAF seeks to establish platforms of inspiration for children and young people so that they may develop their creative thinking, realize their talents, build upon the nation’s rich cultural heritage and broaden their horizons of possibility and opportunity. It provides grants to individuals, educational institutions and educational groups to provided added value to the core academic syllabus; extra-curricular activities; and capital development.

What activities are considered for funding?

ADMAF accepts applications for the development of the following artistic and cultural disciplines:

  • The Performing Arts (including music, dance and theatre)
  • Visual Arts & Design (including painting, photography, sculpture, cartoons, applied arts)
  • Traditional arts (including calligraphy, storytelling, handicrafts, Islamic arts)
  • Film and Video (including production, animation, screening)
  • Literature (including journalism, poetry, creative writing)

What is not funded?

  • Activities that are already underway
  • Projects where the artists fees are not appropriate
  • Project which do not demonstrate significant benefit to the UAE national community
  • Purchase of a business, building or vehicle
  • Applicants who have failed to fulfil the obligations of a previous grant from ADMAF
  • Recurrent funding for organisations
  • Operational/Administrative activities
  • Commercial activities

Download the application

ADMAF welcomes applications from individuals and organizations across the UAE, who seek to further artistic practice and add value to society through the arts and culture. For projects taking place between January and December 2019, the application deadline is 20 September 2018.To download the application form, please click here