Riwaq Al Adab Wal Kitab at the 32nd Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

22-28 MAY


Riwaq Al Adab Wal Kitab aims to strengthen and support the Emirati publishing industry by presenting the achievements of Emirati and Arab writers. The initiative seeks to foster creativity among local writers and to preserve and celebrate the beauty of the Arabic language in literature. 

The initiative reflects ADMAF’s ongoing efforts to contribute to the development of the UAE’s culture and creative industries since its establishment in 1996. ADMAF's education and community programmes aim to nurture creativity and advance the preservation of Emirati cultural heritage, with a particular focus on the Arabic language.

Now in its 8th year, in collaboration with local publishing houses Nabati, Al Dhabi and Emirates Writers Union the initiative will launch 14 books by Emirati writers and poets to be presented at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, as part of its cultural programme of events entitled ‘Poems Do Not Die’, celebrating the great legacy of the late renowned Emirati poet Habib Al Sayegh with two engaging panel discussions, an education workshop, book signings and more. 


In collaboration with publishing houses Nabati, Al Dhabi and Emirates Writers Union.

Date Time Location Book Signing  Description
Friday, 26 May 6pm-7pm ADMAF Booth Critical Readings on the Poetic Experience of Habib Al-Sayegh (Arabic) With poet Abdallah Al Sabab, Dr. Youssef Hetteeni and Emirati Poet Nasser Al Zaabi 
Friday, 26 May 7pm-8pm ADMAF Booth Four Arabic Publications by Nabati Publishing With Abdallah Al Sabab, Dr.  Suroor Al Kaabi, Ateej Al Qubaisi and Sheikha Al Jaberi
Saturday, 27 May 6:15pm-7:15pm ADMAF Booth Five Arabic Publications by Al Dhabi Publishing  With Dr. Aisha Al Ghais, Mrs. Aisha Al Zaabi, Mrs. Fatima Binamr and Marwan Mohamad Al Falasi
Emirates Writers Union Book Signing 
Wednesday, 24 May 7:30pm Emirates Writers Union Booth Arabic Book on the Magical Realism of the Short Story in UAE   Samira Ali Al Shehhi
Thursday, 25 May 7:30pm Emirates Writers Union Booth Sand Arch (Arabic) Lulwa Al Mansouri 
Friday, 26 May 7:30pm Emirates Writers Union Booth Semiotics of Characters in Emirati Novels (Arabic) Dr. Qusai Fayez Eid
Saturday, 27 May 7:30pm Emirates Writers Union Booth The Invisible Invader (Arabic) Huda Kamal Mahmoud

Interested in meeting the authors & poets? Join us for their book signing events.




1. The Future of Arab Poetry (Arabic)

An insightful dialogue among international guests exploring the relationship between criticism and the contemporary Arab poetry movement within the context of Western critical approaches and the rising popularity of artificial intelligence.

Speakers: Dr. Amani Fouad, Dr. Mariam Al Hashimi, and Dr. Youssef Eid, moderated by Sameh Kaawach.

When: Thursday 25 May, 5:15pm-6pm

Where: Bursa Stage 


2. The Poetry of Habib Al Sayegh (Arabic)

Exploring the literary achievements and legacy of the late Emirati Habib Al Sayegh, who dedicated over five decades to making pioneering contributions to poetry while addressing issues dealing with identity and human nature, the panel will feature readings and testimonials from participating critics, celebrating the late great poet's enduring impact on Arab literature.

Speakers: Emirati Poet Abdallah Al Sabab and Dr. Youssef Hetteeni moderated by Emirati Poet Nasser Al Zaabi 

When: Friday 26 May, 5-5:45pm

Where: Anmat Al Hayat Stage; Lifestyle Corner Stage


The Fundamentals of Creative Writing Workshop (Arabic)

An introduction to the essential principles and characteristics of literature and creative expressions through the study of linguistic, visual, and creative techniques which will enable participants to produce various literary works including short stories, novels, poetry and more while highlighting the significance of Arabic language development and creative writing.

Presented by: Sameh Kaawach and Ahmad Al Asam 

When: Thursday 25 May, 6:30-7:30pm

Where: ADMAF Booth