Dr. Ahmed Al Faresi

Born in Place, 12/12/2023
Lives and work in Um A Quwain (UAE)

Dr. Ahmed Al Faresi

Biography Dr. Ahmed Al Faresi is a self-taught, mixed media artist from Al Ain, where he lives and works. He addresses contemporary topics using unusual materials to generate subliminal messages. His concepts range across scientific, religious, poetic and political arenas. Evidence of his academic studies in cryptography can be found throughout his practice, with materials, historical and cultural references, accumulating to communicate complex concepts that can only be appreciated over time. His Emirati heritage is also incorporated through the patterns, textures, materials and subject matters he combines. Dr. Ahmed Al Faresi is currently an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) at the United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain.

Artist Name

Artist Statement In my art, I tend to encrypt contemporary topics using various materials to generate subliminal messages of scientific, religious, poetic and political tones. My usage of unconventional materials is an attempt to have my pieces invoke as many of the senses as possible and to allow one to decipher bits of the message at varying time intervals.

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