ADMAF and Sharjah Performing Arts Academy organise Masterclass, Panel discussion and networking opportunity for theatre professionals in the UAE.

Peter Barlow, Director of Sharjah Performing Arts Academy, opens with a masterclass on contemporary actor training and directing techniques. Following this, a panel discussion on the future of professional performing arts in the UAE will feature key professionals. The afternoon includes a masterclass on Musical Theatre in the MENA Region. The symposium concludes with a networking session.

The Abu Dhabi Music & Art Foundation (ADMAF) and the luxury fashion brand Dolce&Gabbana are pleased to unveil the winners of the ADMAF x Dolce&Gabbana Design Award 2024.

The Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) and the luxury fashion brand Dolce&Gabbana are pleased to unveil the winners of the ADMAF x Dolce&Gabbana Design Award 2023. This prestigious accolade serves as a beacon for emerging creatives, fostering their talent while honouring their cultural legacy through innovative design.

Sarah AlMansoori claims the inaugural title in the jewellery creations category, while Azza Al Tawila di secures the coveted spot in the fashion category. Both winners will embark on a transformative journey, refining their work through an immersive 6-moth paid internship programme at Dolce&Gabbana headquarters in Milan, Italy, in their respective fields. Their final products will then be featured at the Abu Dhabi Festival 2025, showcasing the fusion of tradition and innovation in Emirati artistry.

H.E. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahyan honours winners of Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation awards in partnership with Van Cleef & Arpels, Gulf Capital, and Total Energies.

His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, affirmed that our wise leadership, represented by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, is keen on supporting creativity and creators in all fields. This affirms the belief that progress and prosperity are not complete without innovative ideas and creative visions. As such, the UAE always seeks to nurture talent in all fields.

This came after His Excellency honoured the 2023 ADMAF Awards winners in the fields of jewellery design, fine arts, performing arts, and sustainable design with educational partners Van Cleef & Arpels, Gulf Capital, and Total Energies.

Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) proudly marked the awards ceremony to honour the winners of its 2023 awards, in partnership with L’ÉCOLE Middle East – School of Jewelry Arts supported by Van Cleef & Arpels, TotalEnergies, and Gulf Capital.

In the presence of His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan and the Mayor of Seoul Oh Se-hoon, Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) is delighted to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in cultural collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Government for the first time in the Arab World at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. This exciting endeavour aims to build on a relationship lasting more than 15 years to explore new avenues for cross-cultural exchange. This partnership seeks to further strengthen existing cultural ties, forge even stronger bonds of friendship and collaboration, establish long-lasting partnerships, and explore potential collaborations that foster mutual understanding and appreciation while transcending boundaries to build bridges that connect people.

The panel explores the evolving identity of contemporary media and its pivotal role in shaping national identity; focusing on the historic contributions of women in journalism and the influence of editorial control on the intellectual landscape.
In collaboration with NYUAD Institute

H.E. Huda Al Khamis-Kanoo, Founder of the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF), has been honoured with the prestigious Order of the Star of Italy with the rank of Grand Officer. This esteemed award, presented by His Excellency the Italian Ambassador, Mr. Lorenzo Fanara, on behalf of the President of the Italian Republic His Excellency Sergio Mattarella. The ceremony was attended by His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence of the United Arab Emirates. This recognition is a testament to her exceptional cultural achievements and her significant role in representing Italy on the global stage.

The ceremony, which took place in Abu Dhabi on Friday, April 26th, celebrated H.E. Huda Al Khamis-Kanoo for her unwavering dedication to fostering cultural exchange and enriching the international cultural landscape.

The Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy (AGDA), a globally recognised diplomatic centre of excellence in the UAE, has today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation (ADMAF), to introduce collaborative initiatives aimed at boosting the UAE’s position on the global cultural and creativity map.

29 April to 5 May 2024 | Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre

For the ninth year, ADMAF returns to the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair to launch eight books by Emirati and international writers and poets in collaboration with local and international publishing houses. Under the title ‘From Air, Water, and Sand We Are Shaped, ' the ADMAF programme celebrates the legacy of renowned Emirati author and novelist Ali Abul al-Reesh.

Event postponed, date TBC | NYUAD institute, Conference Center

This talk explores the connected themes of romance and war in two classic films by David Lean. Both films were highly charged in a post-Second World War context. They were about transports of love and the transportation of warring parties. What did it mean to make a British film for a newly emerging British film industry? How did this industry differ from that in America? How did the films play to an emerging sense of tourism and travel through British colonies? Most particularly, I explore the role of the new post-war technology that brought music into film as an indispensable part. How did the radio, for example, play to the transmission of music and news, or to a broadcast of information that brought the formal movement of film into a parallelism of tracks with the high speed and lines of a train, a plane, and an automobile?

Lydia Goehr, Fred and Fannie Mack Professor of Humanities, Columbia University

Moderated by
Gwyneth Bravo, Assistant Professor of Music, NYUAD; Global Global Network Assistant Professor of Music, NYU

20 April - 24 November 2024 |  Palazzo Mora  - Venice, Italy

The exhibition aims to explore "elemental thinking" by examining personal structures of relations between humans and non-humans, living and non-living, in the context of the Arabian Peninsula, Arabian/Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and Indian Ocean, within broader planetary contexts.

Under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan – Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence.

An event of the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation and Zayed University.

The panel discusses Her Excellency’s contribution to the empowerment of women and highlights her book “Fatima bint Mubarak… Illuminations in Thought and Work”, which showcases the role of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak “Mother of the Nation”, Chairwoman of the General Women’s union (GWU), President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood & Childhood (SCMC), Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation (FDF). She is a supporter and enhancer of the achievements of Emirati women, and her journey alongside the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, reflects her commitment to achieving sustainable development goals.

Date & Time: 4 March 2024, 12:15pm Venue: Zayed University, Female Campus


Zayed University - Wikipedia

كلمتان افتتاحيتان:

سعادة هدى إبراهيم الخميس، مؤسس مجموعة أبوظبي للثقافة والفنون، وسعادة د. علي بن تميم، رئيس مركز أبوظبي للغة العربية

الندوة الحوارية الأولى: "لغتنا الأم: استقراء الماضي واستشراف المستقبل:

تتناول الندوة الحوارية واقع اللغة العربية كلغة أم من خلال وجهات نظر المشاركين العاملين على رأس جهات حكومية وأكاديمية من المؤسسات الفاعلة في الحفاظ على التراث واللغة العربية وترسيخ مكانتها من خلال تسليط الضوء على روائع موروثها الثقافي وكنوزها المعرفية واستشراف مستقبلها، ويشارك فيها كل من سعادة الدكتور عبد العزيز المسلم (مدير معهد الشارقة للتراث)، وأ. د. هنادا طه، مديرة مركز زاي لبحوث اللغة العربية بجامعة زايد، والدكتورة عائشة الشامسي (رئيس قسم اللغة العربية وآدابها بجامعة محمد بن زايد للعلوم الإنسانية)، ويديرها الكاتب والناقد علي العبدان.

الجلسة الشعرية:

أمسية شعرية تستشفُّ جماليات لغتنا العربية الأم، وتكشف عن إبداع لهجاتنا اللصيقة بنا، والمعبّرة عنّا، ويشارك في إحيائها كل من الشعراء شيخة الجابري (عضو مجلس إدارة اتحاد كتّاب وأدباء الإمارات)، والشاعرة ميرة القاسم، والشاعر وليد علاء الدين.

Embark on a transformative journey at Abu Dhabi Art 2023 with ADMAF, where educational dialogues, cultural discovery, and interactive learning experiences converge—three good reasons to join us and elevate your understanding of art and creativity.

In conversation: Emirati Artist Farah Al Qasimi with Maya El Khalil

Under the honorary patronage of H.H Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and honorary patron of the Abu Dhabi Festival, the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation (ADMAF) hosted the second panel discussion as part of the ‘Art @ Embassies’ initiative. This event was part of the 20th edition of the Abu Dhabi Festival, held under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Shamsa bint Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Nahyan.

4 October – 20 November 2023

Delfina Foundation, London SW1E 6DY, United Kingdom

The show takes its title from the error message that flashes up when Al Qasimi attempts to boot up her old family computer: Abort, Retry, Fail? This machine connected the artist and her family to the world in the late 90’s and early 2000s, and until recently, served as a portal through which the artist could attempt an escape from reality, revisiting the games that kept her occupied as a child: as a pirate, a gunslinging biker, or a tiny ball bouncing off the edges of the screen.

Riwaq Al Adab Wal Kitab aims to strengthen and support the Emirati publishing industry by presenting the achievements of Emirati and Arab writers. The initiative seeks to foster creativity among local writers and to preserve and celebrate the beauty of the Arabic language in literature.

The initiative reflects ADMAF’s ongoing efforts to contribute to the development of the UAE’s culture and creative industries since its establishment in 1996. ADMAF's education and community programmes aim to nurture creativity and advance the preservation of Emirati cultural heritage, with a particular focus on the Arabic language.

With the aim of empowering young designers, an exclusive award that will cover several design categories will be launched and will provide winners with an internship programme at Dolce&Gabbana headquarter in Italy

The Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) and luxury Italian fashion brand Dolce&Gabbana have announced their collaboration on the new ADMAF x Dolce&Gabbana Award that aims to nurture the talents of emerging Emirati fashion designers while paying tribute to their heritage through design.

Open to current and recently graduated university students from the UAE, the new award will potentially cover clothing, jewellery, fragrance, and home decor design aspects and will give finalists the opportunity to gain the necessary skills to develop and realise their finished products through a trained internship in Italy before being showcased to the public next year during Abu Dhabi Festival 2024.

The Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation is committed to recognising achievements in culture and arts and sustaining cultural development by embracing creativity and launching a wide array of initiatives and societal programs to attract various audiences, in addition to cultivating creative talents in the UAE and abroad in cooperation with major local and international cultural institutions.

Established in 2007, Young Media Leaders is a career development initiative by the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) that provides ambitious Emirati university students and graduates with knowledge, experience, insight and understanding of the local, regional and global media industry. Through in-depth workshops and encounters with leading academics and professionals in the field, the initiative works to sustain the region’s media industry by equipping students with the tools and confidence required to become the media leaders of tomorrow.

Urban Fabric is a series of four sculptures resembling pieces of thread, conceptualized and built by NYUAD sophomore undergraduate students Roudhah Al Mazrouei, an Emirati national, Gerald Jason Cruz from the Philippines, and Jennifer Tsai from Taiwan. These forms are intertwined and interlaced into the ground, turning the physical environment around the art piece into a canvas that the thread is woven into, linking each piece together.
In attendance at the unveiling were the UAE Minister of Culture and Youth HE Noura Al Kaabi, France’s Minister of Culture Rima Abdul Malak, Chairman of Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) Abu Dhabi HE Mohamed Al Mubarak, His Britannic Majesty’s Ambassador to the UAE Patrick Moody, Spanish Ambassador to the UAE Iñigo de Palacio, Founder of ADMAF HE Huda I. Alkhamis-Kanoo, NYUAD Vice Chancellor Mariët Westermann, Director of the Award Emily Doherty, Christo’s Director of Operations and nephew Vladimir Yavachef, Executive Director of Culture at DCT Abu Dhabi Rita Aoun-Abdo, Abu Dhabi Art Director Dyala Nusseibeh, Executive Director of The NYUAD Art Gallery and the University’s Chief Curator Maya Allison, and along with the winning artists, among others.

Following the success of the first edition of ‘Forever Is Now’, the international art exhibition held at the Pyramids of Giza which welcomed over 500,000 visitors, Art D’Egypte’s second edition returns to the historic site with the support of Abu Dhabi Festival.
Forever Is Now II showcases contemporary art installations by a dozen international artists from eleven countries including Emirati conceptual artist Zeinab Al Hashemi, Saudi artist Mohammed Al Faraj, international award-winning French-Tunisian eL Seed, accomplished Egyptian sculptor Ahmed Karaly, JR the internationally acclaimed French street artist best known for his epic art installations, Spanish artist SpY famous for transforming public spaces into full-blown experiences, classically trained British-American sculptor Natalie Clark, Therese Antoine Louis, Italian artist Emilio Ferro, Cameroonian Pascale Marthine Tayou, and Syrian-born and Swedish-raised visual artist Jwan Yosef.

Under the Patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Shamsa bint Hamdan Al Nahyan

Portrait of a Nation II: Beyond Narratives, the jewel of Abu Dhabi Festival 2022, has come to a close but the story of the nation’s artistic development as it transpired over 50 years lives on through the innovative launch of the virtual exhibition and its book companion, Portrait of a Nation II: Beyond Narratives.

Now visitors around the world can embark on an immersive journey through the exhibition, which ran for three months from 21 January to 16 April at Manarat Al Saadiyat, exploring over 100 key artworks by 62 of the nation’s pioneering and emerging artists while interactively navigating the five themes of the exhibition: Reclaiming/Reimagining Home, Shifting Landscapes, Configurations of Togetherness, Reclaiming/Reimagining Language and Shifting Sociality.

The exhibition’s book companion, Portrait of a Nation II, documents the creative spirit and collaboration of the featured artists and their works in vibrant photography and in-depth interviews and essays from curators, writers, and the talented artists themselves, guiding readers through the remarkable transformation of the UAE’s art history.

Now you can tour the Portrait of a Nation II: Beyond Narratives exhibition anytime, anywhere. In a first-of-its-kind event, the digital launch of the landmark exhibition allows you to visit—and revisit— more than 100 artworks by 62 pioneering and emerging artists that shaped the nation’s visual arts landscape. Through in-depth descriptions and interactive audio guides, the immersive experience takes you on a journey through the collaboration and inspiration that narrate the story of the UAE’s impressive rise in the art scene.

Portrait of a Nation II: Beyond Narratives curated by Maya El Khalil and co-curated by Roxane Zand was inaugurated by HE Sheikh Shakhbout bin Nahyan Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of State, on 21 January. More than 100 key artworks, 15 of which were commissioned by Abu Dhabi Festival, arranged in five central themes reflect the innovative spirit of the artists who paved the way for the UAE’s artistic evolution over the past five decades. Throughout its three-month run, the exhibition also hosted panel discussions, workshops, and a variety of community and educational events, giving visitors insight into the inspiration behind the artworks that led to the nation’s remarkable development.

ADMAF’s booth at the pavilion hosted panel discussions that feature the winners of their grants and fellowships and offered guided tours for university and school students visiting the fair on November 16 and 17. The event also highlights ADMAF’s annual awards, initiatives and programmes and visitors were able to purchase copies of the Foundation’s latest historic publications documenting the visual art scene in the UAE: Portrait of a Nation II and Art of the Emirates II.
ADMAF’s booth also hosted a Q&A session with Emily Doherty, director of the Christo and Jeanne-Claude Award, to introduce the award, which has been held annually since 2012 in partnership with NYU Abu Dhabi.

As part of its mission to support the talents and ambitions of promising Emirati artists, the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) is supporting the upcoming solo art exhibition by Maitha Abdalla, the first Emirati artist to participate in the An Effort Art Residency programme in London. The exhibition, titled ‘INT. The Body – Sunrise’, took place between 11-16 October 2022 at Cromwell Place, London.
The exhibition marks the culmination of Abdalla’s three-month An Effort residency in London’s Soho district, supported by ADMAF. An Effort supports artists who, either through their messaging or their process, seek to connect and engage with their audience and wider community in a unique way.

A 4-day inspiring event, Creative Nation 961 began with a concert by the Lebanese Symphony Orchestra at the Emirates Palace Auditorium, conducted by Maestro Harout Fazilian, with the participation of 80 musicians and a special appearance by Lebanese singer-songwriter Mayssa Karaa.
The remaining programme took place at the Bab Al Qasr Hotel, Al Dana Ballroom in Abu Dhabi, which includes exhibtions by well-established Lebanese artists and innovators like the ‘Meshwar Exhibition’ by the Fouad & May Tomb Foundation for the Arts and ‘Pierre Sadek…Picturing History’, an exhibition featuring the works of the pioneering Lebanese caricaturist by the Pierre Sadek Foundation.

Abu Dhabi Festival’s annual Ramadan Spiritual Music Series features performances and events in the spirit of the holy month, inviting artists from around the world to celebrate the spiritual values that transcend difference. A place for both established and emerging artists, the Series showcases the work of masters and discovers new talents to nurture their development.

The Spiritual Music Series is a platform encouraging artists from different musical backgrounds to explore spiritual chanting in their own style chanters, pop singers, opera singers, and more have all shared the beauty and wisdom of spiritual music in the Series. Now in its fourth consecutive year, it will feature the stirring sounds of celebrated chanter Sheikh Mahmoud Al Tohamy in two world premiere virtual performances, In the Hands of God and Heritage and Harmony reflecting on the cherished values of the holy month.

Portrait of a Nation II, the book companion to Abu Dhabi Festival 2022’s flagship Portrait of a Nation II: Beyond Narratives exhibition, guides readers through the remarkable transformation of the UAE’s art history, tracing the path chartered by 62 pioneering artists who have shaped the UAE’s visual arts scene as it unfolded over the past 50 years. Edited by co-curator Roxane Zand, the book captures each of the more than 100 artworks, 17 of which are commissions, in vivid photography, with messages from curator Maya El Khalil, prominent writers and the very artists who helped lead the nation on its transformative journey through the arts.

Art of the Emirates II, edited by Melissa Gronlund, is an unprecedented conversation with the artists and the leading protagonists who have written and continue to write the history of art in the Emirates. Through in-depth interviews, roundtable discussions and essays, the sequel to the first edition portrays the driving forces behind the nation’s visual arts scene – those who have witnessed history and carry the country’s inspiring message, vision and compelling story of creativity and innovation through their achievements.