ADMAF Tribune 2024

The coverage of events and interviews, showcasing the success of the Abu Dhabi Festival 2024 in grooming future media leaders.


The ADMAF Tribune is a testament to the Festival's triumph, highlighting the talent and dedication of future media leaders in capturing the festival's essence.

  • icon Location
    United Arab Emirates Admaf
  • icon Date
    2-May-2024 / 17-May-2024
  • icon Time
    12:00 am / 12:00 am

The ADMAF Tribune 2024, produced by the Young Media Leaders, encapsulates the essence of the Abu Dhabi Festival through its coverage of key events and insightful interviews. Established in 2007, the Young Media Leaders initiative nurtures Emirati university students and graduates, offering them exposure to the media industry.

The ADMAF Tribune serves as a testament to the initiative’s success in fostering future media leaders, showcasing their talent and dedication in capturing the festival’s essence.

Download the 2024 ADMAF Tribune here.

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