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Nurturing the artistic potential of youth and fostering creativity in the UAE. Supporting the next generation of cultural leaders, the Foundation also prioritises accessibility for all with a diverse range of programmes that embed creativity at the heart of the nation for wellbeing, development and cultural excellence.


Recognising talent and investing in the future of young creatives across all art fields, ADMAF Awards provide financial support, acclaim, exposure and unprecedented development opportunities.

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The diversity of the UAE’s culture and heritage is a resource to be nurtured. Grants support the promotion, protection and revitalisation of UAE traditions, heritage and contemporary expression. Financial support for UAE-based practitioners in the culture and creative industries to support mentoring, residencies, training, education, and creative endeavours. Supporting diverse projects is a commitment to cultural and artistic expression today and in the future.

Programme Priorities Summary Deadline
Commissioning Support

Applications open in September 2024 | Encouraging artistic innovation and expanding artistic repertoires with grants that support the creation, publication, performance, and recording of new work.

December 1, 2024
Cultural Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement

Applications open in September 2024 | Support for projects that celebrate and promote the diversity of cultural expression within the UAE. Recognising art and culture initiatives that foster unity, and appreciation for cultural richness and which actively involve and engage local communities with a sense of cultural ownership.

December 1, 2024
Educational Outreach

Applications open in September 2024 | Grants support initiatives with a strong educational component dedicated to promoting learning and skill development within the arts. This ensures the growth and sustainability of creative practices in the UAE.

December 1, 2024
International Mobility Support

Applications open in September 2024 | Facilitating opportunities for UAE artists to showcase their talents abroad to foster cultural exchange and elevate the international profile of the UAE's artistic community.

December 1, 2024

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