Commissioning Support

Commissioning Support

Encouraging artistic innovation and expanding artistic repertoires with grants that support the creation, publication, performance, and recording of new work. Encouraging initiatives that push artistic boundaries, experiment with novel forms, and embrace innovation, contributing to the evolution and dynamism of the artistic landscape.

Grant amount

Up to 50.000 AED

Grants generally range from 5,000 to 50,000 AED

Important Dates & Deadlines

01 Start Date 1-September-2024

02 Submission deadline 1-December-2024

03 Winner announcement 15-January-2025

Programme Guidelines

Funding Areas

1. Performing Arts:
Supporting live performances, including theatre, dance, and music, with financial backing on production costs, artist fees, and audience engagement activities.

2. Media Arts:
Fostering creativity at the intersection of technology and art, supporting film, video, virtual reality, and digital installations with funding for production, equipment, and distribution.

3. Literary Arts:
Backing writers, poets, and literary projects, from novels to poetry collections, with support for writing residencies, book launches, and literary events.

4. Visual Arts:
Empowering traditional and contemporary visual artists, including painters and sculptors, by funding materials, exhibition spaces, and community engagement efforts.

5. UAE Heritage:
Celebrating the UAE’s rich heritage with support for heritage festivals, preservation projects, and educational initiatives.


Who can apply:

  1. Individual Artists:
    • Emerging and established artists across all disciplines.
  2. Arts Organisations and Institutions:
    • Registered arts organisations and cultural institutions.
  3. Collaborative Projects:
    • Collaborations between artists, organisations, and community groups.
  4. Compliance with Local Regulations:
    • All applicants must comply with local laws and regulations governing the arts and culture sector.


Not eligible:

  • Activities that are already underway.
  • Projects where artist(s) fees are not appropriate.
  • Projects which do not demonstrate significant benefit to the UAE national community.
  • Purchase of a business, building or vehicle.
  • Applicants who have failed to fulfil the obligations of a previous grant from ADMAF.
  • Recurrent funding for organisations.
  • Operational/Administrative activities.
  • Commercial activities.

Funding process

1. Application Submission:

Artists and cultural organisations start by submitting grant applications. These applications typically include details about the proposed project, its artistic merit, and the impact it aims to achieve.

2. Review and Eligibility Check:

Submitted applications undergo an initial review to ensure eligibility and adherence to grant guidelines in line with ADMAF focus areas.

3. Panel Evaluation:

The panel assesses the applications, evaluating artistic quality, feasibility, and the potential impact of the proposed projects.

4.Interview or Presentation (if applicable):

Some grants may require artists or organisations to participate in interviews or presentations to provide further insights into their projects.

5. Decision and Notification:

After thorough evaluation, ADMAF makes decisions on grant awards. Successful applicants are then notified of their selection, feedback may be provided to unsuccessful applicants.

6. Grant Agreement:

Upon acceptance, artists and organisations enter into a formal agreement with ADMAF. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the grant, including reporting requirements and any specific expectations.

7. Funding Disbursement:

Funds are disbursed according to an agreed-upon schedule, allowing artists and organisations to commence or continue their projects. It’s essential to use the funds as outlined in the grant agreement.

8. Project Implementation:

Recipients proceed with the execution of their projects, keeping in mind the goals and objectives outlined in their grant proposals.

9. Reporting and Evaluation:

Throughout or at the conclusion of the project, grant recipients must submit any agreed upon progress reports/evaluations.

10. Acknowledgment and Recognition:

Artists and organisations must acknowledge ADMAF in public communications related to the project.

Selection criteria

The following criteria will be used to evaluate applications for the grant:

  • Project feasibility: The project must be feasible and achievable within the timeframe and budget.
  • Project impact: The project must have a positive impact on the community or the environment.
  • Project innovation: The project must be innovative and creative.
  • Project sustainability: The project must be sustainable and have a lasting impact.
  • Project management: The applicant must have a strong track record of project management.
  • Applicant qualifications: The applicant must have the skills and experience necessary to carry out the project.

The applications will be evaluated by a panel of experts who will consider all of the criteria listed above. The decisions of the panel will be final.

We will also provide feedback to all applicants, regardless of whether they are successful.

Jury panel

The jury panel for the grant is composed of a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of expertise.

The jury members were selected based on their experience, expertise, and commitment to excellence. They will be responsible for evaluating all submissions and selecting the winners of the grant.

ADMAF is committed to diversity, inclusion and equity:

  • The jury panel is gender-equal, with half of the members being women and half being men.
  • The jury panel for the grant must include at least one UAE national. This requirement is to ensure that the award or grant reflects the local culture and values.
  • The jury panel for the grant must include at least one international jury member. This requirement is to ensure that the award or grant is of a high standard and that it is recognized internationally.

Terms and conditions

  • The applicant must fill out a budget plan and schedule plan as part of the application process. This information will be used to evaluate the application and to determine the amount of funding that is awarded.
  • A contract will be signed by both parties to ensure that all terms and conditions are agreed upon.
  • In case of accepted funds, a detailed report must be submitted to ADMAF to verify the expenses of the grant. In case of any irregularities, the amount must be reimbursed in full.
  • The winner must commit to participating in at least one ADMAF initiative to share the knowledge and skills they gained through the grant. This could include giving a presentation, attending a workshop, or mentoring other grantees.
  • The winner must commit to joining the Admaf Alumni network

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