Faisal Abdulqader

Born in Place, 12/12/2023
Lives and work in Um A Quwain (UAE)

Faisal Abdulqader

Biography Faisal Abdulqader is a self-taught artist from the United Arab Emirates. He developed an interest in art as a child and nurtured this interest by reading art-related books, meeting artists and visiting museums. He worked in the financial sector for 30 years, which that carried him away from art. However, he slowly began to devote a few hours each day to practice and improve his skill. The majority of Faisal’s paintings are realistic depictions of the rich heritage and culture of the UAE, which he seeks to preserve through his work. Faisal has participated in numerous regional exhibitions, national events and conferences. He takes pleasure in daily walks, contemplating nature and spending quality time with his family.

Artist Name

Artist Statement: “As a self-taught artist who has been professionally involved in the practice for over 20 years, I have discovered that art is my truest passion. It is my refuge, my home and, most importantly, my most effective method of expression. The majority of my paintings reflect the rich culture and heritage of my dear country, the United Arab Emirates. I paint realistic depictions of landscapes and portraits of individuals that are now fleeting memories and to the younger generation, mere fragments of their imagination. It is my goal to immortalise these old traditions and practices in my art. I want to revive the landscapes, sceneries and images that we rarely see today. It is important to refresh them in our memories; painting them anew in the minds of our youth. I work mainly with oils, although I often indulge in watercolour and pencil.

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