Fatima Al Budoor

Born in Place, 12/12/2023
Lives and work in Um A Quwain (UAE)

Fatima Al Budoor

Biography Born in Dubai, Fatima is a UAE national who has lived and studied in Dubai, Boston, London and Dublin. She received a BFA in Studio Art from Northeastern University and School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, USA. As an artist and traveller, Fatima’s work combines photography, printmaking, writing and drawing. She focuses on transient experiences in life as well as familial and interpersonal relationships. Fatima’s prints have been featured and exhibited in the Boston Museum of Fine Art’s William Morris Hunt Memorial Library as well as in various exhibitions in Boston, Dubai and Venice. She is a frequent visitor to museums and galleries and loves to immerse herself in art. Fatima’s studio is currently based in Tashkeel, Dubai, where she can be found printing in the silkscreen studio or caught behind her 4×5 view camera, photographing friends and family and documenting momentary instances that tend to flash by in life.

Artist Name

Artist Statement “Drawing on the transitory experiences of living far from home, my work embodies new spaces discovered mingling with past memories and lived experiences. I combine writing, drawing, photography and printmaking to weave narratives into finished pieces. Focusing on the portrait, be it rendered ghost-like through layers of print, or starkly visible in a photograph; I seek to explore the landscape of human emotion through themes of loneliness, relationships and the intricacies of daily life”

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