Jalal Luqman

Born in Place, 12/12/2023
Lives and work in Um A Quwain (UAE)

Jalal Luqman

Biography Jalal Luqman, Emirati Mixed Media Artist, and Author, is a pioneering artist for more than 2 decades. Jalal Luqman has been a practicing artist since the 80s producing commercial art for small businesses in the UAE and the USA. Luqman introduced Digital Art to the UAE in 1996, and swiftly moved to becoming a mixed media artist utilizing his understanding of traditional media along with digital paints. Luqman’s work is limitless in both meaning and material, transforming metals, wood and other common materials into pieces of art that transcend the limits of the frame to reach out and provoke the viewer. Luqman has managed to become a significant name in the Emirati art scene as well as internationally, holding international exhibitions in New York, Kuwait, Tokyo, Egypt, Morocco, the Czech Republic, Washington DC, Beijing and the UK. Jalal Luqman’s unflinching approach has landed him many firsts in his career; First Emirati Digital Artist, First Freelance Graphic Designer, the first contracted Emirati website designer. With a Masters Degree in Cultural and Creative Industries(MCCI), Jalal Luqman’s contribution to the Emirati art scene has expanded from only producing artworks to being an advocate for the progression of Emirati artists as well as his individual initiatives to promote art in the UAE. He has conducted many seminars and workshops in schools, colleges and universities nationally and internationally, as well as being a public speaker for the promotion of art in the UAE and a member of UAE delegations to many international art events.

Artist Name

Artist Statement In the freedom of my creativity I have seen no boundaries, nor have I seen a contract that prohibited me from having a unique signature in my work, and that signature is not having a signature. In my career I have worked on all kinds of media and discussed myriad subjects that cannot be summed up in one philosophy or one logical state of mind. I am free, un-refined and slightly academic in a somewhat rebellious way.

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