Saeed Al Madani

Born in Place, 12/12/2023
Lives and work in Um A Quwain (UAE)

Saeed Al Madani

Biography The mixed media works of Saeed Al Madani create unique visual experiences and remix local cultural iconography – drawn from nature, architecture and geometry. In combining elements of his heritage and contemporary culture in new, innovative ways, he fulfils his desire to maintain individuality in a world he perceives to be headed towards cultural homogeneity. A self-taught artist, he also holds a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and is a qualified Chartered Accountant. Whilst seemingly incongruous to his creative output, Al Madani believes daily analysis of quantitative and qualitative information has developed his intuitive ability to apply both sides of his brain, granting a novel dual-perspective. Combining hand-made and mechanical processes, his works explore composition, colour and pattern, incorporating drawing, printmaking, painting, photography and digital techniques.

Artist Name

Al Madani’s works have been featured in exhibitions locally and internationally, notably the Sharjah Arabic Calligraphy Biennial (2010) and ‘Emirati Expressions IV’ (2015). His work was auctioned by Christie’s in 2011 and he has completed projects and commissions for the government of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as well as private companies. In 2014, he graduated from The Salama bint Hamdan Emerging Artists Fellowship, in partnership with the Rhode Island School of Design.

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