Saoud Al Dhaheri

Born in Place, 12/12/2023
Lives and work in Um A Quwain (UAE)

Saoud Al Dhaheri

Biography Born in Al Ain city, United Arab Emitates (UAE) in 1987, Saoud Al Dhaheri joined the Higher Collages of Technology Photography Club, and later the Emirates Photography Society, to pursue his artistic passion. Working predominantly in photography, digital art and mixed media, Al Dhaheri works show a preoccupation with composition and colour that illuminate everyday objects or scenes. His artworks reflect the subjective struggles of the artist, And how’s the war conflicts in the Middle East that the artist experienced from his birth to those days. Al Dhaheri has participated in exhibitions at Marsam Gallery, Dubai and Christie’s London.

Artist Name

Artist Statement My artwork takes a critical view of political issues. In 2015 I started to express the relationship between my feelings and the contemporary wars in a mix media project presented by vintage pressed plastic figures and Indian wax, “ The plastic war “.

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