Zeinab Alhashemi

Born in Place, 12/12/2023
Lives and work in Um A Quwain (UAE)

Zeinab Alhashemi

Biography Born and based in Dubai, Zeinab Alhashemi is a conceptual artist and designer specializing in site- specific installation, and experimental art. Her process forges a connection between an honored tradition and selective forced materials by collaborating with artisans and craftsmen she works to inform the execution through a process of exploration. By deconstructing and reconstructing her chosen medium she gives viewers a different perspective on the landscape they are situated in. Alhashemi executes visionary art through raw and overlooked materials. Her personal journey to understand her identity, the world around her, and consciousness that shapes our reality. Her execution with form reflects the connection between nature, industrial through materializing sacred geometry and repetition in the work. Alhashemi supports the importance of public art, and is always keen to engage the public with her work, she believes that as a growing art and culture scene, it is her responsibility as an artist to draw awareness not only on art and design, but to reach out to a higher knowledge.

Artist Name

Artist Statement My practice focuses often in response to my immediate surroundings. My research revolves around the the collective history of the environment and the changes that transpired. My experimental installations documents process of natural and man-made adaptations, I challenge the viewer’s perception from the state of “What is’ to “What could be”, only this time it’s not the history it holds, but also the story I tell.

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