Riwaq Al Adab Wal Kitab aims to strengthen and support the Emirati publishing industry and to cultivate and showcase the achievements of Emirati creative writers and writers across the Arab world, in line with the UAE’s publishing renaissance and the efforts of the nation’s wise leadership.

This initiative is part of the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation’s ongoing investment in culture and the arts, in Abu Dhabi and internationally, since 1996. ADMAF’s education and community progammes develop creativity and preserve Emirati cultural heritage with Arabic as a priority.

Abu Dhabi Festival will be presenting the 13 authors through an array of activties at Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.

Celebrating Arabic literature, the annual programme culminated this year with the launch of 16 new works by Emirati authors, including works for children and fiction for adults. During the signing event, fans met the authors, discussed their works and received copies of the new works.

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